Sunday, December 3, 2017

Italeri\Esci French Legere and Grenadiers.

So the project to rebuild the Army of Portugal continues !

Below are Esci French infantry painted as Legere (The bases need to be tidied as I have made a few mistakes as per usual).

These two stands are Brigade Solignac and Brigade Montmorand.

Esci Old Guard painted as the combined Grenadiers of Brigade Kellerman. I did these as I have 100 Old Guard Figures that I need to use up, so these will also be made into various Spanish\German units that I will need at some point.

Archduke and I also played an initial game of Operation Uranus , which he has posted about on his blog.

I was in Australia last week where it was hot, on return it was also hot in NZ so I have not painted anything. I find hot evenings not that enjoyable for painting so I tend to do basing and such as at least PVA glue dries very quickly. I shall post about my endeavors at a future time.......

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Italeri French for Vimiero

Another side project I have is to re-fight the peninsular war battles solo when I can using Sam Mustafa's Grande Armee rule set. As I have a large quantity of 1/72 Napoleonic figures floating around I decided to use them for this. So far the Army of Portugal is almost complete so I shall make a series of blog posts showing them off.

These were painted in large groups, not really that detailed or accurate and I also played around with some flowers\shrubs I was given.

Below, are some of Kellerman's cavalry

A brigade of Chasseurs (Italeri). Is this the only Chasseur set on the market ?

  The Dragoon Brigade  (Italeri)

So yet another side project !. The last few months have been taken up with sorting out Romanians for Operation Uranus, however now they are complete I am working on the following at my leisure :

  • 1/72 Napoleonic Armies (above)
  • 15mm Sci Fi (For solo skirmish)
  • 28mm Sci Fi (For solo skirmish)
  • 1/72 Fantasy armies. (Orcs, Rats, undead, humans, dwarves, Elves and Conan the Barbarian.
  • A 1/72 medieval fortress and town.
  • Siege Equipment. 
  • 1/72 Modern. 
I shall make posts on these in turn...

Thursday, October 5, 2017

WW1 Action

The moons have aligned ! School holidays , working late and cancelled events meant that I was able to visit David's to join his ww1 action.  Cambria 1917 I think with massed tanks attacking german trenches .

 I was the RAF and had the pleasure of simply flying where I pleased bombing and strafing. Biggles and Snoopy menaced the German positions at first but Snoopy was shot down so Biggles lost his nerve. We paused at the event below as the tanks made it through the wire and onto he trenches

I hope to make the next evening to see the end of it.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

A very slow month for me due to a busy life, work and other interests that do not leave much motivation or time to partake in  painting or modelling. I did have a spurt of activity that I do need to finish off that I will leave for a subsequent blog post. Ideally in one month after a conference and busy work time I can finally get back into painting again.

Though, I have managed to visit Archduke Piccolo's for a few chinwag sessions and last night we played a few games of Memoir44 to wet my appetite. Archduke picked up the main rules at the swap meet and I picked up the Eastern Front expansion pack last week so it was time to have a game (Archduke has played solo).

The first scenario we tried was Hill 307 I recall. I played the Axis and Archduke the Allies and the game was a bit of a blood bath but my German troops did manage to puncture the US lines and seize the objective.  US Air power was not enough to save the position but did a lot of damage on the Panzers.

The next game was the "Gates of Berlin" with Archduke as the Soviets and myself as the Axis Panzer Army.

It was a hard fought and bloody contest. Soviet artillery poured fire onto tanks and I took heavy losses though finally forcing the central Soviet line to fail. A quick Panzer thrust captured the bridge and ended the game thought the Germans were in no state to hold the position or keep fighting.

Below - Panzer Casualties mount as we get close to the soviet lines.

Very entertaining evening of games, tea and coconut slice. Just the little spark needed to prompt me to get the Romanians sorted.


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

General d' Armee playtest


Chassuer was hosting Archduke Piccolo for a test game of the new ruleset and he invited me along. I arrived an hour or so into the game and then took command of the French. The wonderful collection and terrain are all Marks and they were a joy to play with.

Below are some sample pictures from the game:

 The Austrians surge forwards
 Upon the Guard Cavalry arriving on the field I then had my usual rush of blood to the head and sent the entire cavalry straight up the guts.
Commanding Cavalry is rather fun when you have lots of them !

The Austrian attack stalled several times but then surged forwards giving the Polish infantry a hiding. At this time the French suffered a daze and could not seem to do anything so I took the risk of investing my command dice 100% into the Cavalry to try to make a difference.

It was a good long game though I found it tiring (I only arrived back home at 1am from Australia that morning) but I felt it went well. The rules were easy to pick up and luckily lacked half the modifiers that the GdB ruleset had that caused me a nightmare at Waterloo.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Old Crow Drop Ship

I am in Australia on holiday and its all very good, so here is  a pic anyway of my favorite 15mm vehicle as I need to host the photos somewhere.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

NQM PLay Testing

Archduke Piccilo and I sat down last night to try out the NQM rules so we could make sense of it all.

Some pics from those tests. Dug-in Romanians take on the Soviet Hordes. In these tests the Romanians were always wiped out but they often took a lot of Russians with them.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Note Quite Mechanized Romanians

I am currently firing out stands for the 3rd Romanian Army I plan to use at some point.

The above are infantry, AT gunners, Engineers, Command, Gun Crew, mortars and MMG's.

Archduke and I had a working bee to get it all started and we shall try the rules out at some stage with a very simple scenario. What better reason to burn through the hours getting these chaps ready.

They consist of:
  • HAT Romanians (perfect)
  • A HAT\Armourfast motorcycle for recce.
  • Esci French (Had nothing else to do with them)
  • Italeri Russians in Winter Uniform (Apart from the helmets they look fine)
  • An Airfix French Legionnaire - This figure looks like a soldier with a fur hat.
  • An Esci Boer war soldier - He is kneeling and the helmet looks Romanian.
  • Airfix WW1 guns
  • 1st Armoured shall be some Renault's and a PzIII.
  • Not pictured are the ACW and Napoleonic Limbers I will use for the guns
So not accurate for the rivet counters but I make do I with what I have.

Its also getting me back into the swing of things. Archduke and I were supposed to have another bee a few nights ago but as its winter  we have the usual colds running around which delay things.

Monday, May 22, 2017

It turns out that I may have had my first wargame in one year on Saturday. I am sure that I have had more, but in fact I have only had one game. What a depressing thought ! I suspect while I have talked about war-gaming this may not have been the case but this has been one of the reasons for my recent change in focus in the last few weeks.

Geoff kindly organized a 15mm game at his house and I took part on the British side (Fighting my own figures no less). The French\Prussians (Geoff and Andrew) held a ridge-line with a steep escarpment which we (Ross and myself) had to somehow assault.

With my typical dash and bravado off I surged forward however it was not until later I realized that I made a very serious error, perhaps one of the most basic. While the escarpment could be handled I negated, in my enthusiasm I suspect, to check what the right ring of the British Army was doing. While I raced forward in column to assault the hills, I did not notice the right wing was advancing in line and also had a river to cross. This can be seen in the below showing my forces racing ahead.

 This left a conundrum as I had advanced too rapidly but needed to tie down the flank while waiting for the other wing to close up. However, up the hill we went but alas, my dice rolling was not that great and while I did knock around the French to a small degree I simply took a pasting. By then the right wing had descended but was easily repulsed.
A good game though and nice to be back in action. I suspect I shall sell my Prussians (and 28mm Russians) as they simply are an odd fit to the forces I have (Peninsular).

While I was there Andrew showed me his laser cut and hand crafted fleet for Lepanto. Seriously brilliant modelling and painting, these ships were magnificent and photos do not do them justice.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Painted and Based

At a snails pace I am progressing through these plastic figures and I have enough now for some skirmish games.

The above are a mix of Romans, Britons, Knights, Huns and Saracens and once I finish some more I shall have some little games to keep my self entertained.

Apart from that I am getting rid of a lot of stuff  (6mm, 15mm) as sanity has prevailed !

Monday, April 17, 2017

1/72 progresses

As my foray into the Roman world continues I decided a trip to the Fortress of Knowledge was in order. While the box art on the Romans is good, I have no idea what other troop types should look like so I managed to find this, which is very good for a beginner such as myself.

As per usual, I also left with several science pieces and astrophysics for a little light reading.

The next question will be rules, as these figures are all for skirmish type games finding a good set (out of the sets I have) is the next task.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

1/72 Ancients and new books

Motivation has been low recently, and I have even contemplated getting rid of most of the things I have apart from a few genres (I have started this process already)

I was in Sydney and managed to visit Hobbyrama where I found some kits that I picked up.

There are are few boxes of Emhar Viking Warriors

A box of Zvedza Turkish Cavalry

And I also took advantage of the Acorn model sales to pick up 4 boxes of:

These will be part of my 1/72 Skirmish\battle system based on some beer and pretzel type rules.  The Imperial Romans don't fit in that well period wise but Ive always wanted a 1/72 Roman army.

Archduke Piccillo kindly gave me some Mongols which are fitting in quite nicely.

As it was my birthday last week (Which I spent ill in bed) my present from the family was a copy of Tony Bath's "Ancient War-gaming" which is a good book but also includes "Setting Up a Wargames Campaigns" which I already have

And Lionel Tarrs Modern (1939-1945) Wargaming Rules

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Colorado and purchases

Here I am at the foot of the Rockies for work. I've been in the USA almost a week now and have my final few days in Grand Junction. Its a great town with stunning scenery all around it, nice crisp winter days and successful work days with excellent clients.

It also has a wonderful second hand bookshop, where I picked up the following bargains. A West Point collection of WW2 European battle maps and an excellent ACW piece on several campaigns. I could have easily purchased several more but the suitcase is starting to feel the weight of things.

LAX in a days time and then one final shopping spree at a nice little store I have found.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Painting Space Marines for Fun and Practice.

Over the last 20 years I have picked up a few Spare marine figures as I simply liked them and wanted to paint them. I recall I have about 20 of these so I decided recently to paint one figure each for the Chapters (Regiments I guess) I liked to look of. This was also a practice session on getting back into painting larger figures as recently I have only been painted small or slender figures but trying some of these GW you-tube tutorials at the same time to see techniques I could try on historic figures as well as try some better Red, yellow, blue and gold layers.

So I pulled a few out and decided to paint a Dark Angel (green), Space Wolf (Blue grey) an Ultramarine (Blue), A Crimson Fist (Yellow), A Salamander (Light green), a Blood Angel (Red) and finally a Space Wolf terminator. (The big thing). They are not finished but as its been hot and I have not been painting I played with the camera anyway.

The Space Wolf marine with hand painted shoulder pads. Looks like straight lines are not my forte !
 Though on the other shoulder pad I did hand paint a wolfs head which is practice for a greater project of hand painting my own Historical Standards instead of printing them off from Warflag.(I am slowly getting better at yellow shades though on close up I am not so sure.). When I was a teen everything was manually done so I want to head back in that direction.

The Blood Angel where I used several types of Red paints  and some gold layers.

The UltraMarine - trying out some new blues and different Gold techniques.

 Another hand painted shoulder pad insignia.
 The Terminator so far.
 I was in the mood to do these as they have been around far too long, but it was good fun getting the lighter colours out and trying some different things.

I am off to the States in two days for a week. It shall be interesting to be in winter again !

Sunday, January 22, 2017

US Armour - 4th Infantry Division

I spent a week in Auckland and took a box of Confederates with me to finish, however the hotel had very bad lighting so painting was pretty much a non event. Not sure why they thought any type of lamp or light near a desk could be of use.

So on my return I have completed a German Infantry Battalion of 1057th Infantry Regiment, 91st Infantry Division for Utah Beach. I have the second battalion to base and finish, then I can move onto the next regiment and the support troops (Once they are done I can take some pictures).

In the meantime I have been preparing the US Armour for the small attachments of 70th Tank Battalion and 899th Tank Destroyer. M10s and M3 Shermans are Armoufast, the right two are Italeri M4A3 Quick builds -  They have all been undercoated and now need finishing and I have some baggage to also load. The M10 crew will simply be scalped from unwanted infantry unless I can find some American crew to use.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Command Decision WW2 - US Infantry and German Parachite Infantry.

So in a short break between restoring\painting ACW armies I spent a few days kick starting my ww2 command decision armies. I am planning to have forces for Utah Beach\Cherbourg area as there is a good mix of units on both sides and as the German Divisions in that region were badly equipped, I can use a lot of different vehicles. I have kept these guys pretty simple - paint and a wash really, with a very simple flock base. Thought it better to get the units done than mess around on too much detail.

6th Parachute Regiment.

I had painted some German's a while back. Here are a few of the Para's that I based along with the Americans.

  1st Battalion, 8th Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Division, US Army
Old Esci US Infantry with two old trucks a brand new Italeri Quick build Jeep and  Grubby Tank 57mm gun. The gun and jeep need finishing off and I should really repaint the trucks but I will finish the new stuff first.( I glued the prone figures tot he bases before flocking - what a mistake )

My plan is to complete one battalion at a time per nation so I can use them in smaller games solo at home.

I'm off to Auckland for work for a week so in that lovely spare time in the evenings (no dishes, no bedtime stories, no garden watering) I plan to finish another 4 Confederate Regiments.

Monday, January 9, 2017

New ACW 20mm Regiments and clearout.

Merry Christmas and New Years to everyone.

My daughter fractured her elbow on the 27th so the holidays have been slightly underwhelming for her but all in all she has been in good spirits and pain free. I have not had a war-game in a long time but painting has restarted as I no longer wear the wrist brace.So I have been working full time in getting my ACW Union troops ready for some small skirmishes (using Archduke Piccilo's solo campaign as motivation.).

I finished the figures and then use Matt Gloss spray on them , leaving them to dry in the garage. As the sun caught the figures it was a brilliant view -  Long lines of gray, sky blue and red all based and ready to go, I was quite chuffed  to be honest and I am not sure if it is simply having finished a large batch or my love of bright colours.

The figures are a mismatch of makers  and I painted one from each maker, with perhaps another 8 other units to complete (Mostly Airfix and Italeri). I have not named any units yet as I was too busy painting them.

 Revell Infantry Regiment.
 Esci Regiment.
 Airfix Artillery Battery. (I have not separated the single bases yet)
 Airfix Generals. (From Artillery Set I recall).
An Italeri Zouave unit and a good old Airfix Regiment.

A little tidy up to do and then straight into the box to make 7 Infantry Regiments ready. I will then varnish and base the Rebels up and have a small game.

Motivation is abundant here at the moment as I am also working on Command Decision 1/72 WW2 figures - more to come !. But I have also finally decided its time to clear some stuff and make room and fund other needs.

Most likely to go will be the Mantic Elf army I purchased 1 year ago (and painted 20 figures), my 6mm WW2, most likely 15mm Colonial (Unpainted) and a pile of space marines I have gathered over the years.